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The Retiring Business Owner™ is a National publication bringing Financial Information and News.

Articles are written by Financial Experts, such as accountants, lawyers, financial planners,  investment advisers, business brokers etc.

They collaborate with each other in their local community to seek out Integrated Financial Solutions to help Canadian business owners and farmers ’s maximize and protect their family wealth as they seek solutions to retire from their businesses or farms.

These Financial Experts reside in regions all across Canada and will be accessible to you through our Location site.

There is an over information crisis occurring that is complicating the ‘decision making process’ for all Canadians.

We want you to use The Retiring Business Owner™ as your information source to act as your compass to direct you to finding the answers.

However, your success in finding the right solutions is to surround yourself with knowledgeable and highly integral professionals.

So look to our expanding base of Expert Contributors to assist you in making the best decisions possible.

Abbotsford Authors

AbbotsfordAdrian Spitters





Kelowna Authors

kelowna-Comfort-InnJim Carta