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Welcome to The Retiring Business Owner™

Millions of Boomers are getting ready to retire. Many are business owners and farmers and are beginning to think about selling their business or farm. Because boomers typically have less children than their parents, passing the business or farm on to the kids becomes a challenge as many are not interested. The business owner or farmer also want their business or farm to continue to succeed in order that their valuable and loyal employees will be cared for.

Death, Disability and Divorce. Three more reasons to plan for a business or farm exit strategy.

Where does one look for a purchaser? Family? Employees? Private equity companies?

This website is here to answer some of these questions.

We are also here to offer advice and provide expertise in all aspects of getting your business or farm ready to sell. We will assist you to take the steps necessary to make sure your business or farm can run independently of the owner and can be sold in the most tax efficient way possible.

We will provide a wide range of experts in law, taxation, investment and long-term financial investing so that the money made from the sale of your business or farm will provide for you and your family for many years to come.

We are located in Abbotsford, British Columbia (The City in the Country)

Call us today. Adrian at 604 855.6846

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